Alaina + Nick

hey there, hiiiiI!!!

I've been in the process of a new blog + website design, and I'm so happy you're here to check it all out. I'm starting out sharing Nick + Alaina's wedding from 2013, at one of my favorite venues I've had the pleasure of shooting. Nick + Alaina are old friends, we (Mike + I) went to the College of Wooster with them...and actually Nick and I went to the same High School. Their love story is a long time in the making, and that history made their day all the more special to shoot.

As a photographer, working at an event, I am ALWAYS emotionally invested in your wedding, but this one was just over the top. I remember feeling a big giant sign of relief as they turned to address the crowd as a married couple for the first time.

Alaina + Nick, you are just so perfect for each other, and so many moments of your day will always stand out as my favorite moments I've ever photographed. Thank you for having us along! We love you!

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