2017 brides: I'm talking to you!

SO here's the thing. The future is now. I can think, overthink, and then overthink some more about what I want to do with my business, and where I want it to be in a year, two years...ORRRRR I can ACT.

This next wedding year, 2017, will see drastic changes in my business model. As in: I will no longer take everything that comes my way. I am downgrading the number of weddings I will shoot in a year from 30 (THIRTY! WHAT AM I CRAZY!?!) to maximum 20. What's this mean? Right? Are you wondering that? Less talky, more get to the pointy?

I want more substance. I'm a bit afraid to write this, and make it known, because I don't want to be little the work I've done up until now. I have loved, and felt incredibly HONORED to be a part of each and every single wedding I've photographed. I adore all my previous couples...but where I want to go from here is to couples who have a vision that matches mine. Who don't see their wedding day memories to be constrained by a 6 hour window. I want to spend days with my couples. I want to be there for everything, and nothing. I want my brides to put their dress on when it's best for them, not a half hour before they need to rush to see their future husband. I want to watch the bride's niece or nephew struggle to get dressed in their cute little get up (that was, no doubt, planned for for MONTHS!), without sighs from anyone else feeling like there isn't time for this.

How amazing does that sound!? If you're a potential bride here reading this, and you're like YESSSSS! I AM DOWN WITH THIS! Then, email me immediately. Like, really. I'm in the starting out phases of this, and what that means to you, is a really great deal.

I'll be sharing more of my thoughts about this over in this space. As well as the goodness I'm shooting this year. For now you'll have to follow along on instagram (@_jessicalovephotography) or juuuuust trust me. It's all good, and I can't wait for you to see!