more film, more my kids!

it's my blog, so while, technically I can do whatever I want, I kiiinda feel like I should be sharing weddings. I'm about booked up for 2017, though, so I am just going to do what feels awesome and share some personal work I've been shooting.

I don't know what crazy thing made me fall head over heels into film. Oh wait. I do. I have fallen for film because, as a wedding photographer, it's incredibly easy to come away from a wedding with 2000 photos shot, only to cull those down to anywhere from 800-1200 for a final gallery for a couple (which is still an insane amount of images!). It felt inauthentic. I needed a way to get back to really being present. To understanding that each moment I get to capture should be worth pushing that shutter.

That being said, I'm blowing through film like crazy each week trying to get better and better. BUT! it's still slowed me in a way I'm deeply grateful for. Sawyer on the floor playing with Coco? How many options do I really need? One, the answer is one.

I'm so so excited to get to offering clients film sessions. To be present in each moment with my wonderful couples and families (I'll start with families and engagement sessions!). Stay tuned for some of those coming soon!

For now, check out how we'd spent some of the last weeks of summer!