in home, snapshot sessions!

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I feel so luck to do the job that I love. I enjoy every aspect of shooting: families, weddings, everything in between. As it's my *job* to make my schedule + find a way to make it work for our family, this year has brought some interesting changes: more families and less weddings. I shot THIRTY TWO weddings last year. 32! Insanity, and, truly, while I loved it, it felt insane. Our summer flew by. I vowed to make this year different. Slower. More intentional. It's working, and an added benefit I've happily found is that I have more time to shoot something I'm deeply passionate about: families.

Candidly capturing children and families comes easy to me. It feels like second nature, because I know how I want my own family to be photographed. It's not hard. It's not stressful. It's not fast moving. If we have to, we can wait out that two year old until shooting doesn't seem like work for them. They're babies. It should be fun!

Same with parents. You're either incredibly sleep deprived due to your new baby, or just in that general, I'm a parent, I don't sleep forever phase of parenting young kids. I get it.

So, we've still got this weird Ohio season happening. This time of not quite spring, but so over winter we don't know what to do with ourselves. I'd like to fill my weekends + evenings by coming into your homes / meeting you at your favorite spot around Columbus documenting your days, and for a special time + price. it's for you, yes, but it's also because I know that once May hits, I won't be taking on many sessions until October or November due to wedding season craziness.

The details:

45 minute in home / *special place* on location

Digital images delivered digitally, with printing rights


email today as I feel like I have endless weekends, but in reality will only take on about 5. or use the contact link via website!