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so here’s the thing. I see the “taking pictures part” of my job as secondary to making sure your day is everything you want it to be. Maybe because the taking pictures part is so so so second nature and within every muscle memory I have, that I extend my experience to try to make your day run smooth. OF COURSE I’ll follow any schedule you want, on your wedding day, but when people ask WHY to a first look here are some of my reasons (spoiler, NONE of them are because it makes MY day better/easier/etc.)

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it’ll calm your nerves: I’ve had so many couples who just . . . relax, once they’ve seen each other. They pretty much turn into a more accurate version of themselves (vs. wedding day self) once they’re with their partner.

it’ll extend your wedding day: I’d say this is my biggest reason to DO a first look. Do you like the idea of spending *most of the day with your love + your most loved people? Yeah? Then do a first look! otherwise, you’re both hidden away, counting down minutes until wedding time arrives.

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logistically, it makes sense: winter wedding? Short on day light hours? A way to alleviate your stress is to do most of the photos before hand - that way if it’s dark just about right after your ceremony, you don’t feel the rush to get things DONE and you can actually enjoy yourself more.

alone time with your partner: Seeing each other at the top of an aisle IS very exciting, but I promise it’ll be exciting no matter whether you’ve seen each other before or not. The thing is, if you don’t do that first look, think of ALL THE THINGS you want to be sharing with your partner about how your crazy day was, about how amazing they look, etc. etc. But, you’re getting married + don’t have the time to be candid with each other.

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Now, like I said, that’s not to say if you don’t do a first look you’re doing it wrong, or ANYTHING like that. Your wedding day is all about what you want to make it the best start to your lives together! I just hope that you consider all the options!

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