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I'm so thrilled you're interested in film photography. I've fallen in love with it, for our own family, and hope you do so with your own. Just this weekend I was looking through unedited digital photos from a year ago - a common practice for me - of our family. Wondering how it's possible my own children had changed so much in a year. Also wondering when am I ever going to edit these!? Because, as a mom, my priority is client work, then spending time with my family. Film has opened a new world to me of freedom from working, after the work is done.

I spent the morning on Friday designing and printing a film album, a crazy packed full, of images from July until now. I haven't printed a family album since baby #1 in 2011. Where am I going with this? Film, for me, feels so present. It is my talent as a photographer that holds vs. the things I can do at my computer. It's being with you, during your session, and finding the beauty + shooting it right, there.

As I'm in the initial phases of figuring out my own pricing for this, I'm happy to offer my time with you essentially free of cost, and let you help me figure this film thing out.

The cost for a film sessions is as follows:

pre-session consult (email / phone) to help us figure out best time of day for light, outfit choices, etc.

up to 2 hour session (I know, at this point, when to call it for a variety of reasons: I've gotten what I want + think you'll love, the kids are over it...etc.) in your home / on location.

up to 10 rolls of film shot during session - the actual number of photos delivered will vary greatly. I usually deliver between 50-100+.

digital gallery of images with download PIN + reproduction rights

aaaaand! the big question: your cost is....