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let's get some things straight:

my name really really is Jessica Love (it's my maiden name, and I'm keepin' it!)

My (photography) story started when I requested that my (now husband) boyfriend skip the diamond, when it came time to get engaged, and replaced it with a DSLR. Once I got that camera in my hands, I knew what I was meant to do!

I love the little moments. The big moments are fun, but when I catch a bride and groom kissing, snuggling, and generally being the most adorable DURING THE FAMILY PORTRAITS, my day is made!

I'm passionate about what I do largely because of how I've learned to capture the lives and moments of my three children. Not a moment passes that I don't want to have in my memory for forever. 

Email today, or use the contact me link, and learn more of my eccentricities...errr...I mean awesomeness!

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