Sara + Cameron | engaged!


engagement Columbus Ohio

If I write a goal to blog oh, let’s say, 20 of the recent weddings I’ve shot in the past two years here, does that count as accountability? hello? anyone out there?

For many a long time I’ve treated this blog as a place to show photos, and stick to the photos. I kind of want to go back to talking more about all the things I want to share with you. About why. About me. So here we go! As we approach this change of seasons, I find myself lamenting as I do with every change of seasons. The months go by too quickly to quantify the change that happens, but looking back over a whole season feels much more complete. Back in May!? How was that such a flash, when the world was fresh and everything feeling new and anticipatory with what summer would bring? And now here we are, and instead of feeling the optimism that comes with spring, I find myself looking at fall like a placeholder for the dread of winter to come. dramatic much? SOOOO as the eternal optimist would do, I’m challenging myself to look at things with fresh eyes + see the beauty beyond being stuck on IT IS GOING TO BE SO COLD AND DARK FOR SO LONG.

One of those things, from my business standpoint, is engagement season! I LOOOOVE that so many people get engaged over the holidays and jump right into selecting a venue + date + reaching out to vendors. I love emails that chronicle, in our very first meeting, love stories, and wishes for wedding days, and just simple hellos and connections over the internet.

Here’s an engagement from one of my 2020 weddings - I can’t wait to celebrate with Sara + Cameron. Like, when you are so awesome on just a random weekday, your wedding is going to be filled with greatness! Shot mostly film, canon 1V