Let's get a little personal here

You ready for this? Let's talk boudoir photography. It's one of my favorite favorite type of session to shoot. The reasons seem obvious, but I'll write them out for you. Every session that I've shot, ever, starts with a nervous subject and a nervous photographer, then ends with a beautiful woman who feels comfortable, confident in her own body, and a photographer who feels inspired to have helped to surface such wonderful feelings. It's an amazing journey, and I'm always honored when my beautiful client-friends ask me to document their story for them. 

I'm talking about it here today because I'm excited to embark on this opportunity I'm creating to shoot.more.boudoir! Over the next month or so we're going to be opening up a portion of our home dedicated to shooting boudoir, it'll be an awesome space that will perfectly compliment a boudoir session. I figured I better get some examples up here, in this new internet space, to show that I most certainly do shoot (and love) boudoir sessions!

The sessions will be available at the perfect time to give some killer holiday gifts!!

Stay tuned here as it comes together to get a preview of what it looks like, as well as booking details! Or, if you know it's something you've been waiting for, feel free to go ahead and get in touch with me now to reserve your spot!!