Winter in home sessions!

I NEVER leave enough time in my schedule to allow me to do in home sessions. I haven't blogged enough around this new space for you to know, always, 100%, above all else, what matters most to me are my babies + hubs. So when I'm away shooting 30 weddings a year (another story for another day is the fact that every.single.year. I vow to shoot NO MORE THAN 15 weddings...), you can see how I don't quickly take on EXTRA time away from these sweet things in my life. ....then I shoot an in home session for a family that I adore, and I leave thinking, maybe just maybe I can find a way to get a few more of these into my "off weekends."

Well, I think I've found a way. For me, December, January, February, March + April tend to be slow months, I purposefully don't overextend myself, and allow my schedule to be calm, empty, and open. I'd like to use these months to take on some in home sessions, because they're so so special to me to be a part of. I shot my mini sessions this fall, and loved that little snippet of seeing into family's loving chaos..but I want MORE. I want to capture the real that happens at home. The nonsense I shoot of my own children always end up being my favorites. The three of them doing their daily things, in their ragamuffin clothes. Those are the memories that are written in my heart, that I never want to forget. THAT. CHAOS.

So for the next few months, I'll be offering special pricing for in home sessions -

$275 for up to an hour session, with 50 digital files included (you select from your digital gallery), with the option to purchase more/the rest/prints/albums, etc.

I hope that a bunch of you take advantage of this great deal! Email today

if you know you're interested + we'll start chatting dates!


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