nursing sessions!

So here I am (or thought I would be, more on that in a minute) in the thick of all the emotions about coming to end on my nursing journey with my children...I always allowed baby lead weaning, Finn stopped around 12 months, Sawyer at 9, and Coco, well, while there's currently no end in sight, I know, now that she's a year old, that month by month is all I can really count on for her. The way her personality is, one day, boom! she'll just decide she's big enough to not need to nurse, because she wants to keep up with her brothers. And then? I'll close this hard, stressful, amazingly important chapter of my motherhood book. (hold on a minute while I wipe up my puddle of tears)

As a creative, it's hard to know when and where inspiration will hit. In this instance, it was through another talented photographer, Val Ely over at Happy Ely After

who, during our family session, snapped some of me nursing Coco. When I saw them, I immediately knew I would LOVE to give others the joy I felt when I viewed my photos.


What I'm planning for you guys is this: quick sessions that will be on location (a park in COLUMBUS OHIO), lots of pretty quilts, (if Ohio Spring agrees) some beautiful light, and YOU AND YOUR BABY. I don't care how old or young your baby is, just that they're hungry ;) . . . . and if they're not right away, I'll scheduled in time that I can make sure to get some sweet snuggles, and have time to wait for them to be ready to nurse.

What you'll get from the session is a full gallery of images online, and one digital download of your favorite from the day (the rest available for purchase), with no session fee. A big part of motherhood, to me, is supporting other Mamas. And this feels like my chance to get to do that. I'm happy to be able to give amazing memories of the most precious times in your life, when I'm able to, and so I'm taking this opportunity to do so!

Now the details. I don't have everything figured out because the weather is just so unpredictable, but I'm thinking around the week of April 18th through the 23rd. I want to shoot as many as I can, so I'll offer one week night and one weekend evening. What you can do, until we have an accurate forecast, is email me if you know you have availability that week. I'll base my week day solely on weather, so make sure you're available all throughout the week.  And then once I nail down location, date, and times, I'll confirm your space!

I'm so so excited about these, and would absolutely love for this to reach as many families as possible, so please SHARE away, and let people who might be interested know!

Thanks so much for being here!