getting lost along the way | finding my way back!

Something happened over here, and while it was all good, there was a big part of me missing. In 2009, when I started this business (or "business" as I was still working full time, too), I used my blog as a space to do my thing. To tell stories. Then, I got busy. I got booked. And booked, and booked. And, because I didn't NEED to tell stories to gain clients, I stopped telling my story on this space. My clients still got their own beautiful stories in their wedding galleries...but what about here?!

Now we're well into our journey over here, and I've gained a whole lot of storytelling muses in the form of three Little Mac Babies. I'm making a vow to myself this year to make it a priority to get stories onto these (internet) pages. Because, well, it's my space, and I can do that. Also, though, because the beauty I get to capture deserves that!!

Not only that, but I see this space as a sort of journal for our life journey as well. We've chosen the path of homeschooling, and as a result I'm on the internet quite a bit looking for other family's stories of success, failure, and everything in between. I hope that by sharing our story, we can reach maybe even one family who might need it. Isn't that what we're all looking on the internet to do? Connect, somehow, with someone else?

I'm not making a schedule, or following rules for myself. I am just saying, HEY! SELF! BLOG! and hoping it sticks.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that this week starts a stretch of 9 weddings in 5 weeks. SAY WHHHAAAT!? How is that math even really possible. My crazy brain works like, well, I survived a whole wedding season PREGNANT (most recently 2014), then last year we had a newborn, and we survived...I can definitely take on some crazy amount of weddings. PSHHHHH. I got this.

Did I mention I'm a little sleep deprived?

So you're here! Stick around, subscribe? is that a thing? And you'll get to see all the fun this year. More than the teasers and eye candy I show over on the social medias.