Jessica + Javier | bridal portraits!

Jessica + Javier weren't even actually MY clients. My assistant + awesome second shooter, Savannah mentioned a while back to me how she was going to do a bridal shoot for a couple who, just the previous summer, got married at the Franklin Park Conservatory, but didn't quite love all of their bridal portraits. I thought it sounded super awesome, and smart of them, to go back, so soon, and get the portraits they wished they had done on their wedding day. (note to future brides: make time for portraits on your wedding day, avoid hiring uncle to do said portraits!)

Well, when it came down to it, Savannah's scheduled included a birth, and Jessica + Javier's schedule was not REscheduleable! ...thus they became MY clients! Thank goodness for our serendipitous meeting - I loved getting to remake these images for them + hope they fill the empty spot of wedding photos they were missing out on!