Laura + Ben | married!

Laura + Ben's High Line wedding was a perfect celebration of their love. They were surrounded by the people they love, and so comfortable, that when it was time to walk down the aisle, it was as though they were simply made to marry each other. No nerves. No jitters. So sweet, and pure love!

High Line is a gorgeous venue + I'm always happy to shoot there. Enjoy seeing what I saw, along with some help from my trusty sidekick, Savannah, below!

(and I'm just going to put this little piece of hope into the universe. I'm way down for offering my handlettering/calligraphy for brides and events! Scary, YUP! But I love it, and find myself with all my "spare time" (which I have essentially none of! basically nervous writing during Cavs games!) practicing and writing and writing! SOOOOO if you want to chat about it with me, I'm game!)