Corrie + Darren | married!

screw factory wedding

I'm not real big into stereotypes, or big fat blanket statements...but I will say one thing, with 100% certainty and TRUTH: a wedding of a couple that has been dating for over TEN YEARS is always the BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I've had a few in my wedding photography experience, and each one (Ahem, Nick and Alaina, Sarah and Drew, to name a few) stands out so vividly in my mind about the power of love, patience, and true everything. They're like, for real, better than fairy tales.

Corrie and Darren are no different. Their wedding was SO MUCH a celebration of the people they are, individually, and have come to be TOGETHER, on their own schedule. Their love, drive, and commitment for each other is admirable. It was truly an honor to get to watch them make the jump into married life on this day.

So there's all that good stuff, AND one of my new favorite venues around. The Screw Factory! (<---right!? so fun!) So any of you brides out there (in Cleveland) looking for an industrial-blank -slate of a venue, look no further (for the venue, and then book me to come with you, because I'm obsessed).

On to the fun! the photos!