Ally + Brian | Married at Athletic Club of Columbus

Ally + Brian were married on the.color-est.weekend of this fall. BUT, as you'll see, we have ZERO naturey-fall-ey-colorey-goodness photos. Say what? ..right? I was right there with ya, for a minute, then I edited the photos and quickly realized how obsessed with this wedding I am. Here's why: (and here's a thing about, as a person, and as a business, it's important you know: I'm always honest with you.) these two did it their way. We had planned to go and get some more portraits over in some awesome fall-ey places, but They decided that other things fit them better. And at first, I think I pouted for about 30 seconds because normally it's what you have to do on weddings: take portraits, but when I saw what I was getting to capture instead, I was super happy our timeline went this way.

These photos are candids, they're natural, just the type of wedding day that Ally + Brian wanted to have. As your wedding photographer, it's important to be able to follow a schedule, YOUR schedule that you've made previously..but it's also important to follow your LEAD on your wedding day, and be able to give you amazing photos when you decide what you thought you wanted just wasn't it.

Enjoy a candid look into Ally + Brian's wedding day at the Athletic Club of Columbus, with some portraits and fun around German Village!